VIP Service

VIP Counseling at Home
VIP Couples Counseling Aboard
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For the highest level of discretion, privacy, and convenience,

Roberta's special length sessions for VIP clients can be held
at your home, office, or aboard your yacht.


How VIP Counseling Works

Sometimes longer sessions are indicated to push past the defenses that have made traditional therapy ineffective. Roberta offers a minimum of 3 hour appointments away from her office for individuals with relationship issues and couples who need to stick with the process, get to the heart of their pain and reach workable solutions.


An expanded time frame allows Roberta to work with each partner and the couple together. This has been proved to be highly effective.  Because these sessions are in your own environment at home, hotel suite or yacht, Roberta can help you see what can be hidden in a one or two hour office session.


As a VIP client, you might only need a therapy appointment once a month or less with Skype sessions scheduled when needed. The frequency and length of session will be determined with Roberta after your first session.


Who is Eligible for VIP Counseling

VIP clients are exceptionally motivated to:


  • fully explore relationship behavior and issues

  • use creative methods other than just talking

  • engage in productive active discussions

  • learn ways to get beyond impasse

  • be open about relationship needs and expectations in depth

  • keep talking even when it's painful

  • do writing assignments to be shared

  • connect current behavior with family of origin or past traumas


Roberta's VIP Services are designed with the busy executive and professional as well as the philanthropist who travels, spends summers in different locations, and needs Roberta to come to them.



What are the Benefits of VIP Counseling

Longer, more intense sessions tend to produce faster results.  It is not possible to keep defenses up in an intensive format. Meeting in your own space eliminates any concern about privacy that might come up by going to Roberta's office. And because Roberta travels to you, you get the utmost in convenience and time efficiency.