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Intimidated about dating in the senior years?

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If you were partnered for a long time, and have recently been divorced or widowed, you could be feeling like the whole world has changed since the last time you were single. That can be very anxiety-provoking. You’ve been through the grief, and have made adjustments in your lifestyle. Your old social circles might have shifted.

And now you are tired of being alone and feeling lonely. It’s being hard to meet good possible mates, and you’re at a loss to know what to change.

According to research some years ago by AARP, senior men don’t like dating older women who:


  • Are too particular in preferences and attitudes and very hard to please

  • Let security needs drive getting too serious too fast

  • Haven’t dealt with their lingering issues from previous relationships


Likewise, the research showed that senior women don’t like dating older men who:


  • Overly enjoy their freedom

  • Are unwilling to change habits or deal with emotional baggage

  • Want to get too intimate too soon

Feeling fully understood and valued, and being the reason that a new mate feels the same, is central to being a good catch. Starting over with a new partner means being open-minded, curious, willing to try new things and consider new opportunities.

As a senior, it’s wise to be cautious about getting too deeply involved too soon. But meaningful, fulfilling relationships can only happen when you can take a little bit of risk to open heart and mind to the possibilities in your future.possibility of new love.

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