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I am a man who thought I could measure my worth by how much money I earned. I blamed my wife for this because I thought that was what she wanted. How wrong I was! Seeing Roberta has made me feel stronger as a man. I have developed self respect a product of liking the man I am becoming.


I have been seeing Roberta Gallagher for the past ten months. She has been excellent in helping me with self-reflection and growth in my persona and professional life. Roberta has provided me great insight into how to address growth with verbal and visual tools, which allow me to truly work through my goals and objectives. She is very passionate and knowledgeable in her field and uses both personal and professional techniques to help get to the true areas of focus. I highly recommend her and am glad I have been working with her for the past ten months.

~ H.L.

If it weren’t for Roberta my husband and I would not be together.  We were arguing about money since I was earning a great deal more money.  I was struggling with jealousy due to our 17 year age difference, and a history of failed relationships. Our conflicts lead to huge blowups.  Roberta taught us how to see one another’s point of view and taught us  skills of communication that allowed us to find solutions for our problems. We still have conflicts but we are able to work them through rather than always trying to be right.

~ Mario and Juan

I got married at a young age and was approaching my first year anniversary confused and unsure of my future with my husband. After meeting with Roberta, she changed my perspective on my marriage and taught me acceptance and compromise (among many other things). She has absolutely changed my life. I’m not sure where I would be if I hadn’t met her over 5 years ago. I am now in a happy marriage with a beautiful daughter and I have her to thank for helping me through the tough times.

~ Carrie McCartney

There are many who speak of the process of ” coming out” as one in which you come to terms with and try to acquire self acceptance of who you are. I was never quite comfortable with that, as if I had some flaw and I can learn to live with it. Roberta Gallagher made me feel, helped me to experience this amazing journey of self actualization. Corny as it may sound it turned out to be like a long walk on a beautiful day with Roberta at my side. I felt as free as the journey was amazingly life changing. I could never repay her for my metamorphosis. Roberta you remain an amazing force in my life.

~ Joshua




I have seen Roberta during a divorce, sexual identity issues, and general relationship problems. My second relationship suffered many scars that I thought would never be healed. I have changed. We have changed. Today I am proud and pleased to say that relationship is blossoming and the most important part of my life. Roberta’s skills in giving both detailed advise and specific actions have been critical to my success and the health and rebuilding of this relationship and rebuilding the trust and confidence in myself.


In each counseling session, Roberta brings a special blend of knowledge, wisdom, caring, spirituality, experience of her own and humor that all serve to make her advice most beneficial and practical. The quality of my life has improved so much and is more enriched, balanced and full than I could ever have imagined. I am forever grateful to acknowledge the amazing support, insight and guidance that I received from Roberta.

~ Enrique


What can I say? Plain and simple, Roberta saved my life. She helped me to understand my harmful patterns and to deal with deep and painful childhood traumas. When I came to Roberta, I wanted to get help but I was terribly afraid of someone hurting me in the process. Roberta is an unbelievably gentle guide. She cared about my healing process and knew how to help me heal. I was stuck and almost hopeless that I could change when I first came to Roberta. She really helped me to be able to live a healthy and happy life.

~ Grateful Lady


Our relationship had been deteriorating since the birth of our first daughter 8 years before. After 12 years of marriage we had tried counseling, had read several books and nothing had worked. One of us found Roberta's website and decided to give it a try for the last time.

We were sold on our first visit. It showed us there was a big difference from our previous experience. Roberta was very direct and went straight to the point. She made it clear that the focus would be our relationship and we wouldn’t waste time in lengthy explorations of our past. Her focus was on “what” we needed to change and the “how” to change it rather than the “why” our relationship had come to this point. It was also important to teach us practical tools that would help us improve our relationship.


Another big difference was her sense of humor. Roberta would sometimes make fun of us, imitating our attitudes and talking our places. It was an extremely effective way of showing us our mistakes in a non-threatening way. However, Roberta was always in command. She would quickly turn really serious and very effectively put each one of us in our place when appropriate.


Also she was always available. I sometimes would send her an email late at night to find her thoughtful reply the next day. This was extremely helpful since we could stay in touch in spite of our busy travel schedules.

Finally, we always felt that Roberta had our best interest at heart. Her ultimate motivation was to teach us how to be happy and value our relationship. We saw her as a someone that has achieved peace and happiness for herself and for whom the biggest joy is to make others equally happy.


I guess what ultimately made the difference was Roberta’s enormous optimism about our ability to change. We trusted her conviction and ultimately she proved to be right. We did change in ways we could have never imagined.


It was sad when, after about 9 months, she told us we didn’t need to go anymore. We would have continued for many more years. Her office had become a spiritual place for us to really communicate.  Again she was right. We were ready to move on.


It has been almost a year since that last session. Definitively the best year of our 13 years of marriage.

~ R&S



As a male, I found her approach incredibly pragmatic and comfortable. She gently prodded me to learn how to recognize my feelings when confronted with various relationship scenarios, and then apply this recognition to minimize damage or negativity within relationships. My emotional evolution has lead to personal happiness, and has helped me to interact in more meaningful ways within relationships. I now find that I can much easier handle conflicts that arise within relationships. Many times I remind myself, “Do as you were taught by Roberta,” and then I act accordingly.


~ Pseudonym: RK



I first came to Roberta because of what I had thought was a dysfunctional relationship. I had many issues to work out with both my partner and myself, and I felt that it was time for an outside approach.  After working with her, we were able to learn the tools needed to have effective communication and understanding the other person’s viewpoints. I was able to realize that we had an amazing relationship, and all the aspects of my personal life began to fit better together. Roberta has not only become a counselor for my relationship issues, but she has also been a guide and mentor in my personal and professional life as well.  She has given me another perspective on life, and helped me to work through difficulties at work and with my family history that has helped me become the man I am today.  For her, I am forever thankful.

~ Name Withheld on Request

After I told my wife about my infidelity, we were convinced our marriage was over. We immediately sought out couples counseling to see whether or not we could salvage our marriage and keep our family together.


After our first session with Roberta, we knew we were in the right place. She didn't give us "the answer," but we knew that solutions were possible. It took some time to explore what those solutions would be, but with every session our feelings of panic, crisis and loss began to shift. We could once again feel hope and, in time, happiness. 


We went to Roberta hoping we could save our marriage. Not only are we still together, but with her support and occasionally "tough" love, our marriage is stronger than it's ever been. Using Roberta's concrete tools for better communication and truth telling, we have arrived at an even deeper sense of love, connection and commitment...and that's after 16 years of being together. 

~ Jen and Stella

When I decided to reach out to Roberta, my husband and I were in desperate need of help.  I thought I was going to lose my family, and that my children would have to be raised in two separate homes. This was, in my opinion our last chance to make things right.  There were issues of infidelity, mistrust and years of resentment, which had made both of us miserable and disconnected from each other. We wanted couples counseling because we wanted to be whole again.  We needed help learning how to communicate more effectively, regain trust and to help us bring back laughter to our home and our family. When we met with Roberta we were surprised by the positive changes that started to occur.  With our willingness to truthfully give our relationship a chance and with Roberta’s professional knowledge, we have overcome what we once thought would be impossible.  Our home is now a place we both want to be.  With Roberta’s help, we are now communicating better than we ever have and most importantly, my husband and I are hopeful and happy again.

~ Maria and Elroy