Can Sex After 50 Be Fun and Flirty?

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When you were younger, chances are, you probably thought sex ended at a certain age. Remember thinking your parents didn’t have sex after you born? Nothing could be further than the truth.

Sure, things are different than they were when you were in your 20s or 30s, but not only can couples can still have a very fulfilling sex life, sex after 50 can be even better than you imagine.

If you are meeting some challenges in this area, as a relationship counselor, I can help.

Flirtation with Your Partner Cures Lulls in Intimacy

If you’ve been together for a while, you may find yourself going through lulls in intimacy. Lulls happen at every age – it is normal but you don’t want to make it the routine.

You and your partner know each other and it may be that you are too comfortable with one another. Seeing one another flossing your teeth or trimming his nose hair can take some of the mystery and sexiness out of the relationship, but you can get that desire back.

One of the biggest challenges that can happen in the bedroom is boredom. Sex doesn’t has to be limited to the bedroom. Try mixing it up and being spontaneous.

Instead of making love on certain nights of the week, wake your partner up, initiating sex. Be fun. Be flirty. Couples need to get their spark back – and have that passion and fire you did when you were younger.

With Older Age Comes New Sexual Freedoms

You have an opportunity for a new sexual freedom. Your children are grown. You are moving into a different level of your career. Life is more settled, and less stressful, so you can really explore your sexual


Think of how you were when you were a teenager and you didn’t want to get caught making out on the couch. Now, you can role play and pretend you may get caught.

Or, if you are out for dinner, pretend you are strangers and meet at the bar, or book a hotel room. Sometimes, just changing things up and giving it a fresh twist can bring back some excitement.

You can really have some of the best sex of your life now. Just don’t be afraid to push your limits and reignite your desire.

Passion doesn’t have an age limit. Ask your partner what turns them on and tell them what excites you. As your relationship has grown, those turn ons may have evolved. Find out what they are, so you can act on them.

Let your familiarity with one another allow you to be comfortable enough to talk about sex. You’ve talked about paying bills and raising the kids – you can openly talk about what turns you on and what you want sexually.

Trust me, it’s a lot more fun than housekeeping discussions!

There is no need to be embarrassed to talk about sex. It is a beautiful, natural part of life that everyone should enjoy, as long as they can.

If you feel embarrassed or intimiated, as a marriage counselor I can help you do more than just work out problems -- I can help you make the good aspects of your marriage even better.

In counseling, we can work out any factors that may be interfering with your intimacy. As a relationship therapist, I am here to help you and not judge.

I can help you make your sex life the best it can be, and help you learn how to talk about your sexual needs. By being able to talk freely with me, it will help you talk freely with each other in private and that’s when the real passion can happen.

Let’s get started on your best sex now. Give me a call to schedule a liberating counseling appointment.

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