What makes a relationship happy?

Couples counseling with relationship expert Roberta Gallagher

When you are in a relationship, it’s easy to compare yourself to other couples. You see how your friends act with their spouse or partner and it makes you wonder if you are really happy. You wonder if your relationship is as good or happy as the other couple’s. You start to wonder if it is, or if maybe you need couples counseling?

It’s easy to compare other marriages to your own when you don’t know what happens behind closed doors. Most people are good at putting on a show for the public but it’s what happens when it’s just the two of you that matter.

How happy are you on a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being the happiest? What do you think would make you happier in your relationship? Would you be surprised to know a lot of it boils down to communication?

Being able to talk to one another is key to having a happy relationship. There’s more to communicating than just talking – there’s the unspoken communications, tone of voice, body language – that can let each other know how you feel.

After a while, you may stop listening, or the pattern gets so familiar you take what’s being said for granted. When one you miss subtle cues from your partner, and he or she feels ignored, it can throw other areas out of sync – like your sex life – so communication is a key area to keeping your relationship happy.

Sometimes, being able to communicate means being able to clear the air when you have a disagreement, too. Maybe you expected that relationships should always be flowers and slow dances. And you’ve had those moments of course. Maybe you think if you have a fight it’s the end of the world. But learning how to address those disagreements is a good communication skill – and can lead to a happier relationship.

Making time for one another is also important in a relationship. Sure, there’s work, children, and other obligations but you also want to make sure you invest in the relationship, too. Usually though, our partners get what’s left of us at the end of the day, and that’s not fair. You don’t want to feel like an obligation or a duty and you don’t want your partner to feel that way either.

There are a lot of fun, creative ways to make time for one another – I can offer you some ideas – so it will feel natural and something you look forward to. But you’d be amazed at how just a few moments that are focused just on you as a couple can bring back some excitement and joy to your relationship.

When you are able to communicate and make time for each other, you will see some shifts in your relationship. It may not be easy at first but that’s where I can help. As a relationship expert and couples counselor, I can coach you in new ways to communicate in an effective way. Listening is a key part of communicating, too, and I can help you learn how to really hear what your partner is trying to share with you.

Once the lines of communication are open, your relationship will be able to grow and both of you will be happier as a result. Finding ways to spend quality moments together can really help reinforce your relationship, too, and I can help you come up with methods that will work for you as a couple.

You can have the happy, healthy relationship you want, give me a call today.

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