Honoring 9/11 -- Life is Short, Love is Everything

Tragedy as relationship glue Roberta Gallagher LMFT
Copyright 2014 Roberta Gallagher

Where were you that morning? I was in my office and my client Cathie came in asking if I heard about the plane that crashed into the World Trade Tower. It was shocking but not as shocking as later that session when the next plane crashed into the second tower.

She left and went wherever she needed to. I left and went to my daughter Dori. The children were safe at home and she and I spent the day in her bed riveted to the TV. My brother was on a plane and in a few hours we found out he was safe. Dori had many friends in New York City and we worried for them but mostly we feared what might come


In those hours the only thing important was the safety of the people we loved. And what happened in the following weeks was enlightening.

In my work I had a number of people come in who wanted to end unsatisfactory marriages. Several came in who wanted to improve unsatisfactory marriages / relationships.

It was a wake-up call that life is finite and the most important thing is love.

Today remember the people who died and the Firefighters and Policeman who gave their lives for others. Altruism does exist.

Know that life is short and love is everything.

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