Design a Valentine's Day Unique to You

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I had been tyrannized by cultural expectations of what my Valentine’s Day was to look like. This caused me no end of disappointment.

Now I am very excited because I am not interested in romantic stuff as defined by commercialism.

I have declared to my guy that he is off the hook from now on. I would rather have a potluck party with a few close friends and talk about our gratitude for the ordinary things our partner does for us.

And if we are not partnered, talk about our gratitude for how our friends show us love. We could even talk about how we show love to ourselves.

I do not do this out of anger or negativity or sour grapes. I want to inspire my friends to send or put in the mailbox Valentine’s similar to what we used to bring to our classmates and put on their desks.

Let’s have a Valentine’s Day that is fun rather than mushy. Let’s give cards to the letter carrier and tradespeople we see often.

What unexpected pleasure that would bring to all we appreciate for the kindness they show us. Let’s spread the love and appreciation. Be inclusive. You will have a great day.

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