Five Things Every Marriage Needs!

Copyright 2014 Roberta Gallagher

Although every couple has unique sets of needs and reasons that keep them together, over the years I’ve seen at least 5 things that are universally true for marriages that last. In my view, this is what it takes for a committed couple to have a joyous life together.

The experts and researchers in the field report that the happiest couples see one another idealistically rather than realistically. In fact they perceive many annoying traits as cute or funny.

For the next two weeks practice the following on a daily basis. Put it on your calendar to remind you. See what happens.

• Altruism:

Couples who put each others happiness first are much more satisfied with their marriages than ones that don’t.

• Friends: Some one-on-one time is nice and necessary, but you both also need the social outlet, companionship, and support of others.

• Commitment: Total dedication to the relationship means you’re more likely to work at keeping it strong.

• In-Jokes: They may sound like something out of junior high, but those pet names and silly secrets help keep you connected.

• Rituals: Things like texting “I love you,” traditions such as going to the same restaurant on every anniversary, and nightly kisses, energize and enrich you both.

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