Being Seen, Heard & Cherished

I found a wonderful prayer for this year. I invite you to print this out, post it in your home where you will see it everyday, reflect on its wonderful message, and internalize it.

“My wish for you is that you are held, witnessed and appreciated for all that you are in a way that heals all the times that you weren’t. May you be totally seen…, heard, and cherished.

“May you be so adored, that all your hurt and longing is forever washed away in a flood of endless love, flowing over from deep within your heart.

“And may you find a way to truly make the best of every experience, in the spirit of continuously improving the quality of your life, and the quality of the people in it.

“May you choose to only go up from here”. ~ Thierry Maurel

I chose this for you because it is not unrealistic to set a standard for yourself in your partner and in your future partner to be “seen, heard and cherished”.

I have been married 4 times without understanding that I deserved to be adored. I am living with a wonderful man for 9 years and it is through his adoring me and accepting me unconditionally that I experience and understand what I did not before.

There are other negotiable characteristics, for no one is perfect. But giving and getting these essentials of being seen, heard and cherished form the ground for a win / win in those negotiations.

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