Silver Linings and Simples Pleasures

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I have been thinking about how and what I want to write about in 2014. And here’s what I’ve realized, dear readers — you have been most responsive when I write about my personal experience.

To do that I have to dig deep and expose not only my passion for life but my struggles. It’s similar to what I ask of you in counseling. I am no different than any of you out there. I share with you writings that inspire me because I want to inspire you.

I have no difficulty in expressing that I need to belong. What energizes me and makes me feel good is interacting with others. I’ll give you an example of something that occurred a few months ago.

There was this particularly joyous Sunday. I went grocery shopping at 8 am. My partner’s back was out of whack so my grandson PJ helped me in with my packages. He and I did our Sunday ritual of breakfast out. Pj and I talked at such a deep level, and had loads of laughs. We had dear friends over for lunch and football. Then my granddaughter Nora called to chat.

The seeds of this joyous day began with a first marriage that was quite unhappy, and yet all these riches have blossomed from it.

The takeaway for you is — Simple pleasures can fill you up. Relationships that made you unhappy can leave a worthwhile legacy.

Look for the silver lining.

At times I see myself as needy. I do need others and although I hate rejection (who doesn’t?) I will continue to put myself out there, to you and to other people who come into my world.

My spiritual quest is to turn you on to the beauty inside you, because in a selfish way it reinforces the beauty in me.

And if you do go out there and make a joyous day for yourself, I’d love to hear about it on my Facebook page here.

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