​Dress Up Your Relationship ~ Halloween Sexy Is Happening

Remember when you were a kid and every asked, what you were going to be for Halloween? It was exciting to pretend to be someone or something else for the magical special day. Some of us even as adults now still enjoy Halloween – there’s still magic in looking forward to being anything and anyone.

Use Halloween to Alter your Persona and
Give a Lift to your Sex Life


Role playing can be awkward at first if you have never tried it. If you have been feeling a certain sameness to your sex life this is the perfect time for freedom and playfulness. It allows you a time to leave the ordinary day to day behind and make room to experiment with aspects of yourself that will break through your inhibitions.

Role play tends to bring couples closer because it makes us vulnerable.


Rules of the Game


1. No criticisms – go with the flow and have fun. There is no right way except to respect your partner’s wishes and limits. You might think spanking would  be fun but check it out.


2. Dress up and dress down. Choose a focus such as teacher / student doctor / patient, strangers meeting in a bar, or fantasy adventurers.


3. Choose a personality style –  passive or aggressive. Try on something that is the opposite of you.


4. Communicate about what feels great and what’s not so great. Remember you are starting on a new road, and it will not be all it can be if you don’t continue to experiment and communicate.


You can start the excitement building the day before. Leave notes that special treats are coming up tomorrow. Or whisper something that has sexual innuendo.

This is meant to be fun — but it is more than that. This is an opportunity to bring your relationship to a new level of closeness. Break down barriers. Human beings require novelty. Best to get it with the person you are committed to.


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