How to Get the Sizzle Back in your Relationship

Relationship coaching for Miami couples from Roberta Gallagher

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You are part of a couple / in a marriage and it feels sort of stale. You appreciate the stability, but long for the feelings that naturally were there at the beginning.

Fear not, those excited, loving feelings can return. The difference is that you have to decide that you will take the initiative to create what your body’s naturally produced chemicals did without trying.

Arousal happens in the mind

To be sexy you need to be an individual with confidence and a path of your own. Passion for your own life breeds respect and admiration.

Being somewhat unpredictable because you’ve got your own things going on will create some mystery and is very sexy. But looking to your partner to give you a life, projects a neediness that can be a real turn off.

Focus on what is most appealing in your mate. Research shows the best relationships are based on when mates see one another’s good points and minimize the flaws.

No matter how long you’ve been together, flirt when you are noticing some behavior that warms your heart. Letting your partner know you’re intrigued can be a turn on.

Value quality “together time.” Most couples get too focused on work and children, and the specialness of the relationship that once created sexy sparks wanes.

Your strength and foundation is the shared and attentive time you make for just the two of you. Have fun, laugh together and make sure you have a daily 6 second kiss.

Connecting creates sizzle. Keeping romance alive is based on letting your partner know you really hear and see them. Do this on a daily basis.

If your relationship has lost its sizzle and you need more than this blogmail to get it back, I’m here to help. Don’t wait to call.

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