Dating At Midlife: 4 Ways To Make The Most Of It

Dating advice for women at midlife from Miami relationship expert Roberta Gallagher
Copyright 2013 Roberta Gallagher

Recycling is the current rage. If you are divorced or widowed at 50 or over, fear not. One person’s trash is another’s treasure. Your treasure may be just around the corner.

A radical approach to dating at this time of life is to enjoy the process (most of the time). I am speaking from my personal experience and not from a theory of positive thinking.

1. Kill the myths:

Though there is a trend for men to look for women who are younger — even significantly younger — there are plenty of men wanting a contemporary who will relate to their music or times of the past and who have similar biorhythms and mutual interests.

2. Create Your Own World:

Dating should only be a part of what you participate in. If your life is filled with your own interests, friends and family you will not be needy. There is no greater turnoff to men and women like than the feeling that they will be taken hostage to fill someone’s emptiness. Don’t be the empty pit.

3. Get ready, get set, go:

Get into game shape — lose weight, get a new hairdo, start exercising. Get advice from a friend about updating your wardrobe. This goes for men as well as women. First impressions are lasting. When you feel good about yourself, it will radiate outward. It’s not phony – personal growth is good for you.

4. Caveat:

Do not talk about your failed relationships or put down people you have been involved with. And be wary of those who do this. It is a sign they are not taking responsibility for their part.

Still hesitant? Give me a call, make an appointment for some relationship coaching. I can help you get ready to be a great catch.

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