Coupled or Single, You Can Choose Positive Perspective

Copyright 2013 Roberta Gallagher

Do you live with negative expectations so that if the negative comes you won’t be hurt or disappointed?

Or are you the person who smiles when you wake up and expects that your world will unfold in a positive way?

The truth is that being negative does not protect you from the hurt of disappointment. You still hurt.

Why not reframe your perspective so that each day can be pleasant? Then, when disappointment comes, at least you will not have rehearsed it and made every day sour.

Reframing means to look at something from a different perspective. In this case, it means to change your negative mindset or way of seeing things into a more healthy and positive perspective.

When the difficult times come we all suffer. Being positive does not protect us either.

Sometimes I wonder if we do have a choice. Is it possible that we are born with a gene that determines that from the get go? I really don’t know. I do know that whatever handicap we are born with can be modified. That is up to you.

If you’d like to learn how to reframe the negative and choose the positive perspective, I’m here to help. Call today. Let’s get started on giving yourself a more positive outlook on life.

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