Assumptions Couples Make That Harm Your Relationship -- Sound Familiar?

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Assumptions are dangerous. When unexamined, mistaken beliefs form a faulty reality. When we respond to our assumptions as if they were accurate, conflicts in the marriage or between couples inevitably arise.

Are you holding this relationship damaging assumption?

My Partner Never Changes

Operating with this assumption creates feelings of invisibility. Feelings of being invisible to your partner creates a longing to be noticed which in turn potentially develops into being vulnerable to someone who will notice, hear, see you.

This is often why partners start an affair – to feel noticed, heard, and seen.

But the truth is that we are all changing on a daily basis by ideas we are exposed to, experiences that we have and the maturing process.

Solution: Engage in daily rituals that create emotional closeness and allow your partner to know that they are noticed. This can be as simple as saying something nice such as:

  • I’m so glad to see you.

  • Please tell me what troubled you today.

  • What made you feel good today?

  • You are lookin’ good baby.

Showing your partner that your mind is on them is a way of saying that you care, and that you’re grateful they are in your life. Don’t forget to reciprocate.

Need more relationship repair ideas? Make a counseling appointment with me today.

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