Change as Opportunity for Empowerment

Couples counseling with Roberta Gallagher in Miami
Copyright 2013 Roberta Gallagher

When was the last time you made an empowering change?

Yes, change can be scary, frustrating and seemingly slow. But it can also bring fresh opportunities for learning and growth.

Changing something in a part of your life that is outside your relationship can give you and your partner something new to discuss, and an additional area in which you can be supported.

It’s an empowering act to embrace and implement change — one that enhances self esteem and confidence, which, by the way, are two qualities that contribute greatly to one’s general attractiveness.

So I just wanted to mention that especially for singles who are tired of being alone and wondering how to improve their chances of being a good catch. If that’s you, you might want to read this page on my new website.

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