​Talking about right vs. doing right

Many years ago I read a story about an author who in order to enhance the ability to sell his new book about telling right from wrong – forged a testimonial from a brilliant well known person who wrote extolling the virtues of his book.

It was an excellent book but it was rejected because the publisher believed we cannot write about something with authenticity unless we live it.

I knew a person of great renown who seemed to understand the moral and intellectual virtues in their proper order and relationships, and espoused them in all his works.

Yet as I got to know him I was forced to recognize that, while he was not a conscious hypocrite, his character did not conform to his own standards. It was not only that he had personal faults, as we all do, but also that he was not fair and honorable in dealing with others, which is the essence of “morality.”

So what about you?

What about your own understanding of the difference between right from wrong, and not caring to do right because it interferes with your goals of immediate gratification.

What validity does your word have to the people whose respect has great meaning to you?

Do you aspire to the essence of morality?

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