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What does one say when launching a blog? In this busy world it almost seems like an imposition or an arrogance to think that what I have to offer is worth the time.

Whoever is choosing to read this I commit to making it practical and philosophical. With almost 40 years of working with people who honor me by sharing their innermost fears and longings there is much in the way of wisdom and knowledge I have acquired that I would like to share. I will speak from my unique opinionated voice – take it or leave it.

It is a common human need to feel connected. This blog will be about what breaks connections and what builds connections. Research in gerontology tells us that the most important thing for our physical health, coming before diet and exercise, is Social Connectedness.

We are not taught how to communicate in our basic elementary education and we learn from the family we grow up in. Often what we learn inhibits connectedness. Did your parents talk to one another with respect, a quiet tone, a loving touch? Did your teachers in school treat you as an individual and complement you when you did not fit in with the others?

Good relationships do not just happen. If you think “If I have to work at it, then it is the fault of the relationship. It should come naturally.” This is no more true than the idea that you don’t have to work at being successful in any endeavor from getting ahead in the way you earn a living to good physical health.

The very first most important choice is to take responsibility for yourself. No more “You made me feel unimportant.” Learn how to create your own happiness and security through your own thoughts and actions. Treat yourself with kindness, caring, compassion, and acceptance instead of harsh judgment.

As my 11 year old grandson P.J. said “Nana the most important thing in life is self acceptance.”

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