5 Pledges for Creating a Satisfying Relationship

Copyright 2012 by Roberta Gallagher

You took vows at your wedding, or made promises at a commitment ceremony, but do you remember them now? If your vows or promises were like so many, perhaps the love, honor, and respect lacked a bit of specificity.

Unless we are clear about what our intentions are, promises can be difficult to keep.

Why not try these on for a while, and see how you feel living up to these 5 pledges.

The 5 Pledges

I pledge to be responsible for my own feelings and behavior and not make you responsible for mine.

I pledge to express what is on my mind in a kind and loving manner and not be defensive when you express what is on your mind.

I pledge to give you what you want and need and realize that this is different from what I want and need.

I pledge to work on changing my attitudes and behavior rather that ragging on you to change.

I pledge to build trust between us. I will be reliable and consistent. I will work on my actions, feelings and behavior.

Making pledges is easy. Keeping them can be hard during the challenges of every day stresses.

If you want tools and tips for really making these pledges work in your most important relationships, I’m here to help!

Roberta Gallagher, LCSW, LMFT, BCD


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