Sexual Issues 

How’s your sex life?

Marital tensions or outside stress cooling your sex drive?

Struggling to renew libido?


If your sex life isn’t what you’d like it to be, couples counseling can help you figure out why.

If you and your partner have different degrees of desire for sexual intimacy, it’s likely to cause some major problems in your relationship.

For many men, when sexual needs go unfulfilled, the sense of emotional connection wanes. For many women, it’s the opposite — when the emotional bond is weak, the desire for sex diminishes. Or, it might be that for you and your mate, this situation is reversed.


What fuels a healthy sex drive?


  • feeling good about yourself

  • a certain degree of playfulness

  • liking or accepting the way you look

  • maintaining some mystery

  • ability to be emotionally vulnerable

  • good general physical health

  • good coping skills for outside stressors



Factors that deplete libido:
  • feeling frustrated or fearful much of the time

  • struggling with self doubt

  • stress at work or low confidence about your career

  • discomfort with how you look

  • inhibitions and hang-ups about sex

  • partner critical with how you are sexually

  • health problems

  • financial worries


Common Concerns


Fear of judgment  You might be concerned that your level of interest or disinterest in sexual intimacy is abnormal, and you don’t want to be labeled as having something wrong with you.


Couples counseling with me does not work like that. What does happen is that we will explore the underlying causes and create a plan to deal with it. You can expect this plan to reflect your individuality and not some theoretical model. And I’ll help you both not only to vent your frustrations but have empathy for one another.


Embarrassment   Talking about sexual matters can be uncomfortable, and you might feel embarrassed even thinking about what you’d say.


Don’t worry. I’ve heard it all. And you may be amazed at how learning to just be able to say out loud what you want or don’t like can start to improve the intimate moments with your partner. I help you discover the right words to express these needs and feelings.


Impotence or Abstinence   Maybe you’ve gone through a diffiuclt time with an illness that’s diminished sex drive. Or perhaps one of you is using abstinence from intimacy to punish the other. You might feel that there is no hopefor a sex-less marriage.


These situations are more common than you might expect. And regardless of the situation, sexual intimacy can be rekindled. I have many good approaches for helping you achieve this. It is never too late.


Physical intimacy is very personal – it’s the glue that holds couples together. What’s right for you and your partner doesn’t have to be what works for any other couple.

If sexual issues

are causing problems in your relationship,

individual or couples counseling can help.


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