Relational Life Therapy

Relational Life Therapy with Roberta will
help you repair your relationship


After two years of study and supervision I am have been certified to provide this treatment approach for couples that I believe is unique.


Relationship Life Therapy (RLT) is a way of helping you integrate a whole new set of relationship skills. You will: 


  • uncover and disrupt painful patterns that keep you stuck

  • learn how to deal with conflict

  • disagree with understanding and not anger

  • understand the influences from the past

  • remove what interferes with a loving, mutually beneficial partnership

  • live a cherishing, respectful, relationally intelligent life

  • learn new communication behavior

  • develop ways to complain constructively

  • listen with an open heart

  • get your needs met by requesting not demanding


Although interactive behavior is at the root of relationship distress, this system can work for individuals whose partners are not willing to come to therapy.  A change in one person can lead to a change in the relationship.


RLT is based on the idea that your relationship expands into more than you thought it could possibly be by learning new skills and practicing. Your relationship has dismantled little by little and must be rebuilt in the same way.  I help you get clear on the patterns that are creating pain and distance, so you canreplace them with new patterns.  


My couples counseling approach is brief, direct  and solution oriented. Do not waste any more time. Relational change is possible.


For more information about RLT, see The New Rules of Marriage, Terry Real’s best selling book about intimate relationships. 


Now, give me a call and let’s get started

Roberta Gallagher, LCSW, LMFT

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