Counseling and Coaching for LGBT Couples

Too many outside pressures on your

same-sex relationshsip?


Family disapproval creating a wedge

with your partner?


Fighting over the parenting urge?

Being a couple is hard for everyone, but can be fraught with extra difficulties for same-sex partners. And that can be a surprising disillusionment after the first blush of romantic attraction wears off.



Maybe one of you is totally out on all aspects of your life, but the other isn’t, and that’s creating some friction in your relationship.



Perhaps one of you wants to be a parent, but the other is wary of taking on that responsibility in a neighborhood that isn’t so gay-friendly, and you’re constantly arguing about it.



LGBT couples are often dealing with the emotional wounds of past relationships and current discriminations. It might be that your relationship isn’t the refuge that you’d assumed it would be.



Relationships are my specialty.

I’d like to help you with yours.



I strongly believe that an LGBT couple can have a relationship that is happy and healthy. You can have a relationship filled with trust, kindness, generosity, good communication, intimacy and genuine commitment.



But right now, you may be disagreeing on the boundaries of your sexual life. Maybe you want it open and your partner is not comfortable with that.



Perhaps you think your level of emotional maturity is a barrier to having the relationship of your dreams. But how can you find out for certain?



Could be you are torn between wanting the comfort of a committed relationship and wanting the excitement of the single life. Counseling can help you work out that dilemma.



I know sometimes reaching out for help is hard. You might be concerned that putting everything in a spotlight again will just make things worse.



A lot of people think that before they start couples counseling. Here’s what they always learn when working with me. 



What is hidden will fester. Together, in a safe environment I teach you to talk about difficult matters in a loving way.



You are only as sick as your secrets. We work together to reveal your hurts and disappointments  and then develop the skills to create a healthy happy relationship.



Speaking openly is very freeing. You’ve had enough judgment and blame from society, may even from your family and friends. You need a couples counselor who knows that there are many styles of relationship and the important thing is discovering what works for you.



I am that person


I was given a gift of intuition and acceptance and you will benefit from that. When you are unconditionally accepted you will learn to accept yourself.



With 40 years of practice I have come to understand the experiences and challenges of lesbian, gay and bi-sexual relationships. The deep divide many individuals feel from their family of origin and society lives not only inside of you as an individual, but in the couples relationship, too.



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Counseling helps create an amazing life.