Couples Counseling


In the married couple rut?

Feeling hurt or betrayed?
Lost the relationship spark, and want it back?


Couples counseling can help you

repair your relationship

Relationships are hard work! No one really teaches you how to be a couple. And it’s common for the very things you thought were cute or attractive at the beginning to become uninteresting or annoying over time. Couples who were once so in love, start to bicker, go their own ways, develop separate lives, and lose touch with what brought you together in the first place.

Maybe this is what you’re experiencing right now — it’s called the married couple rut, and it doesn’t feel good. Don’t know how to fix it? That’s okay, because I do.

Or, it could be that you’ve had some heated arguments, and are feeling a little wounded. Perhaps as a result, you are communicating as openly as you used to. It’s feeling a little unsafe to be vulnerable with your partner right now. And that’s really putting a damper on what you want to share with each other, and even how much time you want to spend together.

You already know that this is bad for your relationship. You can feel the breakdown, and you want to change things before they get worse. Something needs to be done, but you might not be sure what, or who to ask.


Yet, the sad facts are that only 1 in 4 couples who divorced seek help. Couples who do get couples counseling or marriage therapy have generally struggled with serious problems for 6 years.  But you don't have to wait that long!



I urge you to try relationship repair


Relationship counseling will help you:


  • Feel fully understood and valued

  • End the cheating, lying and infidelity

  • Have fewer arguments, improve communication

  • Stop fighting over money

  • Gain a return of your passion


Either with your partner, or by yourself, working on your relationship is a smart thing to do. You’’ll learn to identify what isn’t working, know exactly why, and gain new skills for making your own repairs.



Genuine Intimacy


The common thread for all of us is a desire to feel connected to one another and to the greater society in which we live. All human beings, no matter their sexual preference, cultural, or religious background, have the desire for intimacy. It is our birthright.

But what are we talking about when we speak about intimacy?

I define intimacy as having achieved satisfaction in the following: intellectual, emotional, sexual and spiritual.


Intimacy is achieved by having a deep level of trust achieved through fidelity. You want to feel that you come first in the priorities of your mate. You also want to feel that your spouse talks to you and about you in a cherishing manner. And you want to feel like your partner notices you so that you feel cared about.

We are designed for genuine relationships. Nurturing relationships should be the only kind we allow from the people who are closest to us.

Most of us believe that we are doing the best we know how. The reality is that we have — for the most part — not been taught how to achieve closeness. We can learn the skills and tools for having a relationship we only dreamt was possible. I can show you how.

It has been concluded in overwhelming research that having rich social connections affects both our emotional and physical health even more than right diet and exercise.

This connectedness is achievable and can be learned. Once you learn, it must become a daily practice or you slide back into loneliness and disconnection.

Ask yourself:


  • Am I settling for a relationship that does not satisfy me?

  • Are we on the brink of divorce if I don’t take action

  • Will I tolerate a lack of trust and an abundance of criticism?


My mission in relationship counseling is to teach — through humor, example, concrete tools and directly sharing with you — what and how you are saying that pushes your partner, friend and family further away. Relationship counseling is done with respectful, loving confrontation. You will be offered another way to say things that will open the door for the relationship of your dreams.



Give me a call and let’s get started this week

Roberta Gallagher, LCSW, LMFT


Don't wait another day to

improve your important relationship.


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