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If you relate to the term “later years”, you could be anywhere from your mid -50s to mid-90s.


A friend of mine told me that a man who has been a part of her extended...

I remember how I felt the first holiday after my divorce. My children were 5 and 6. Their Dad had remarried and they were expecting a child. I could not stand the idea of being excluded from a family...


I am a relationship expert and yet I have been married 4 times. I gave up a marriage that could have been workable if only I was not so tunnel visioned.



If only, is a very sad phrase.



All I was awa...

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Intimacy both sexual and emotional is something couples and individuals crave. Yet, despite our desire for it, this is a delicate area for most people to voice.


In cou...

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Recycling is the current rage. If you are divorced or widowed at 50 or over, fear not. One person’s trash is another’s treasure. Your treasure may be just around th...

Copyright 2013 Roberta Gallagher


A month or more ago a 37 year old man living near Orlando, Florida went to bed early and the earth opened and swallowed him up (technical name “Sinkhole”). This is...

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