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As a couple’s therapist and relationship coach, I’ve worked with a lot of same-sex couples over the years, and the interpersonal problems you face are not that different than those of straight couples...


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Prior to the 1970’s the term co-dependency did not exist. The 70’s was a

groundbreaking time in mental health. The great minds of the time were against labeling human b...

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Times they are a-changing. And yet, some things like communication and commitment remain the same throughout time and across the board.



John Gottman, a noted couples...

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Over the years I have worked with many gay and lesbian couples. I was of the opinion that there were no differences in a same sex relationship than in an opposite sex...

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Living in the United States, it’s hard to miss how Christmas has become a main materialistic event. With all the sales and pressure to out-give everyone on your l...

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You never feel secure in the relationship. You’re constantly asking yourself if you are as demanding as he / she says you are. You are constantly making excuses to f...

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Same-sex couples I have seen in my practice have often shown a notable freedom from some of the role biases of the last century that are still insidiously entrenc...

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