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When you were younger, chances are, you probably thought sex ended at a certain age. Remember thinking your parents didn’t have sex after you born? Nothing could be further than the truth.


Sure, thin...



The movie version of E.L. James novel, “50 Shades of Grey” hits the theaters in time for Valentine’s Day. When the novel first came out a few years ago, it helped unlock a lot of women’s hidden fant...

Remember when you were a kid and every asked, what you were going to be for Halloween? It was exciting to pretend to be someone or something else for the magical special day. Some of us even as adults...


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You are part of a couple / in a marriage and it feels sort of stale. You appreciate the stability, but long for the feelings that naturally were there at the beginning...

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Intimacy both sexual and emotional is something couples and individuals crave. Yet, despite our desire for it, this is a delicate area for most people to voice.


In cou...


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Last week I wrote about the assumption of My Partner Never Changes, and how feeling invisible can cause couples to look elsewhere to feel seen, heard, and appreciated.


“I am who I am!”   It’s a statement I hear often in the context of couples counseling. I always wonder:are you saying you are not capable of change?


Sometimes this kind of take it...

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