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On the outside, your relationship appears fine. As a couple, the two of you visit the right places and always look like a perfect couple. Everything on the outside looks perfect.


But behind closed doo...


To state the obvious, ending a relationship is never easy. Unless you are impervious to pain, being the dumper can be as emotionally draining as the other way around.  Before making the decision t...

I had been tyrannized by cultural expectations of what my Valentine’s Day was to look like. This caused me no end of disappointment.



Now I am very excited because I am not interested in romantic stuf...


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Although every couple has unique sets of needs and reasons that keep them together, over the years I’ve seen at least 5 things that are universally true for marriages...

It is a week until that day where women are building up resentment that their special guy won’t remember or that he will stop by the local supermarket for flowers because the women in his office have...

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Living in the United States, it’s hard to miss how Christmas has become a main materialistic event. With all the sales and pressure to out-give everyone on your l...


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When I think of Thanksgiving I remember my Mom cleaning for 3 days because her family was coming. We were the poor ones and this was the one time a year she prepare...

Remember when you were a kid and every asked, what you were going to be for Halloween? It was exciting to pretend to be someone or something else for the magical special day. Some of us even as adults...


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You are part of a couple / in a marriage and it feels sort of stale. You appreciate the stability, but long for the feelings that naturally were there at the beginning...

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Intimacy both sexual and emotional is something couples and individuals crave. Yet, despite our desire for it, this is a delicate area for most people to voice.


In cou...

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