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A common mistake people make is thinking another person will complete them. 


You feel a void in your life and fill it with the wrong kind of relationships. You may bounce from one relationship to anot...



When you are in a relationship, it’s easy to compare yourself to other couples. You see how your friends act with their spouse or partner and it makes you wonder if you are really happy. You wonder...

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All through my life I avoided conflict. A raised voice frightened me. If I did not avoid conflict I came out of my corner defensive and attacking. “You are crass and...


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Substance abuse damages marriages. Often the alcoholic or addict betrays, lies, is irresponsible and unavailable. Their defenses include denying, minimizing, ration...

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Is the concept of evaluating your relationship too cold? Businesses must do audits of their profit and loss for the year. This is a valuable exercise in pinpointing...

The facts are that 50% of men and women who admit to cheating use social media sites and online chat rooms in their affairs. Facebook has become notorious for connecting up people who dated in high sc...


Many years ago I read a story about an author who in order to enhance the ability to sell his new book about telling right from wrong – forged a testimonial from a brilliant well known person who wro...


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You might think a marriage needs passion, loyalty, understanding, attention, respect, and so on. But long lasting relationships also need these 5 key elements.


1. A...

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