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When you have reached the point you feel like your relationship needs help, you may wonder how to go about finding a good therapist.  Sure, you can do a Google search and find someone – that may be wh...


Don’t Be A Statistic:  The Bleak News About Second Marriages Does Not Have to Be Your Fate

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I have been married 4 times and currently in a 10 year committed relatio...

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My Mother’s first apology occurred when I was around 50. I never realized she hadn’t until she did. I started to think back and wondered what it was like as a child...

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A period of time ago I was experiencing what could be called a dark night of the soul. I was not happy yet I had all the trappings of happiness. I owned a beautiful...

The facts are that 50% of men and women who admit to cheating use social media sites and online chat rooms in their affairs. Facebook has become notorious for connecting up people who dated in high sc...

I had been tyrannized by cultural expectations of what my Valentine’s Day was to look like. This caused me no end of disappointment.



Now I am very excited because I am not interested in romantic stuf...

I  found a wonderful prayer for this year.  I invite you to print this out, post it in your home where you will see it everyday, reflect on its wonderful message, and internalize it.



“My wish fo...

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Do you ever keep your New Year’s Resolutions? Me neither. Often that’s because they are too idealistic, or made about things we think we should do to be a better, h...

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Living in the United States, it’s hard to miss how Christmas has become a main materialistic event. With all the sales and pressure to out-give everyone on your l...

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You never feel secure in the relationship. You’re constantly asking yourself if you are as demanding as he / she says you are. You are constantly making excuses to f...

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