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Was one of your New Year’s Resolutions to work on your marriage? People want to lose weight but seldom put ‘save my marriage’ on the list.


If you feel like there is no hope for your marriage, maybe yo...

Okay then, if you are reading this thinking I am singing always look on the sunny side of life, you are right.  And wrong.  



If your best friend is afflicted with a terminal illness I wou...

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There are many reasons relationship have ended for me.  Primarily  I knew it was over for me. I wasn’t concerned that it was not over for the other person. As a matter of emot...


To state the obvious, ending a relationship is never easy. Unless you are impervious to pain, being the dumper can be as emotionally draining as the other way around.  Before making the decision t...

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It might surprise you to learn that most marriages do not end because of an affair. True remorse and willingness to seek counseling and other support can save a marria...

A note from Roberta -- There are times I feel passionately about a topic and begin to write a blog entry.  In this case, my colleague Lisa Merlo-Booth beat me to the punch.  She has covered this topic...

Unfortunately, abuse has been around since the beginning of time and today is no exception. If you’re in a relationship where your partner belittles you, calls you names, swears at you, intimidates, t...

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Where were you that morning? I was in my office and my client Cathie came in asking if I heard about the plane that crashed into the World Trade Tower. It was shocking...


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Prior to the 1970’s the term co-dependency did not exist. The 70’s was a

groundbreaking time in mental health. The great minds of the time were against labeling human b...


Don’t Be A Statistic:  The Bleak News About Second Marriages Does Not Have to Be Your Fate

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I have been married 4 times and currently in a 10 year committed relatio...

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